Latonya S. Marshall, 37, was born and raised in Pasco County Florida. When she was a little girl, she found herself stuck in situations that would later place her in the position to have a deep heart desire to reach out to people that are broken-hearted and struggling with the very things that she overcame. From molestation, to rape, to being promiscuous, bullied, low self esteem, being suicidal, being in homosexuality, and even ending up in prison, Latonya began to see life in a whole different way when she began to accept the love of Jesus Christ. She was bitter and angry at everyone and everything. Not realizing at the time that her attitude toward life would only allow things to get worse instead of better. She has only God to thank for allowing her to accept her past as a blessing and not a burden. She now sees that because of her past, she’s able to help others and she understands that in order to do so, you must be able to relate. She truly understands that experience is indeed the best teacher. Through her book “Broken For Purpose” she desires to reach the world with her testimony and later obtain the promises of God by mending broken hearts through Christ Jesus. She is a single mother of 10 year old twins, Briana and Brice 11year old Cameren, and 1year old baby boy Adrian. Through the blessings of her children, she learned how to be patient, love, and see life from a different perspective. Because of the things she has been through and the gift of the Holy Spirit, she understands how important it is to choose wisely on the people she allows in her life, the places to go, and things to deal with. It’s so important to her that she breaks generational cycles and or sins to avoid them entering her children’s life. She believes deeply that how she raises them will greatly play a role in their lives and that all generational cycles ended with her. Her mission is to build people up, one individual at a time while still maintaining life as a mother and raising God fearing children. She is the visionary for Broken Hearts Mended and uses her social media account to do such for the time being. Her goal is to be a mentor to men, women, and children who are lost so that they may turn their hearts back to their first love which is Jesus Christ. She know that with God on her side, she’ll fulfill everything she was broken for and that God will get ALL THE GLORY